Websym and AWS offer end-to-end Digital Transformation Solutions for Manufacturing and OEM customers.

Together, we‘re unlocking new possibilities for industrial organizations

Enabling Manufacturing organisation to utilize the power of IOT, big data and analytics to increase operational margins and improve efficiencies through real-time generation of actionable insights driven by real-time equipment performance and health data integrated with enterprise systems.

Build the Smarts into your shop floor!

Faktorywize is an intelligent operations platform that brings together a coherent set of digitally connected solutions to streamline operations, improve operational efficiency and increase margins. Ride the next wave of Industrial Revolution with a comprehensive  platform that provides real-time 360-degree view into your shop floor operations.

Faktorywize works in heterogeneous shop floor environments, discrete & continuous manufacturing process scenarios and supports multi-plant & multi country deployments.

Balance costs with optimum asset utilization, performance and monetization!

Tezeva is a Cloud native connected products platform that harnesses the power of  IOT, Cloud and Analytics to get most out of assets for both OEMs and their customers. OEMs can boost service margins by moving to a proactive after sales service approach with real time health and performance monitoring, remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance of remotely deployed assets. The platform offers a customer-centric experience, while acting as single source of truth for both OEMs and their customers.

Case Studies
TCPL Case Study
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Apollo Tyres Case Study
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Websym & The AWS System Together to Expect
  • Quick deployment and quick scale
  • Zero disruptions to current operations
  • Reduced TCO and Maintenance Costs
  • Operational ease of use
  • Vendor agnostic solution
  • Solutions designed for targeted industry verticals
Solution Deployment Architecture
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