FaktoryWize Utility Monitoring Solution

The world of manufacturing is morphing into a more sophisticated, informed and efficient unit. Traditional approaches to optimizing costs result only in marginal gains. Industry 4.0 imperatives are about optimizing performance of man and machine, improving productivity and increasing efficiency. One of the key areas for automation and monitoring is the automation and monitoring of utilities consumed in the manufacturing process.

Utility consumption has for long, been an invisible component in manufacturing and can become a resource drain.
For modern factories to gain better visibility into operational efficiencies, safety and regulatory compliance it is essential for shop floor operators and supervisors to understand, identify, control and eliminate wastage, pilferage or over-usage of utilities such as gases, electricity, fuels, compressed air, water and other utilities, during the manufacturing process.

It requires intelligent and intuitive utility monitoring solutions that can identify leakages, wastage, pilferage, track absolute usage and consumption patterns helping to streamline manufacturing processes, adding machine-life, and boosting productivity that helps augment company top and bottom lines.

Key Features

Utility monitoring solutions by FaktoryWize are purpose-built and designed for industrial environments, and help monitor utility consumption. Our solutions provide critical consumption analysis and help operators make quick on-the-floor decisions.


Manual monitoring of systems is time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone. FaktoryWize utility monitoring solutions are designed for accuracy, speed and efficiency. It simplifies the monitoring process, and makes for more effective decisions with real-time actionable insights.

If you are battling mounting expenses due to high consumption of utilities and need to control it better and make your plant operations more “GREEN”, we can help you add value to your production process. Let’s connect.

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