FaktoryWize Workforce Tracking Solution

COVID-19 pandemic has bought about significant operational challenges in the manufacturing sector. Plant managers need to find ways to operate through the new normal—all while preparing for a potentially much longer period of heightened uncertainty regarding with a lasting need to maintain enhanced hygiene and physical distancing. Mechanisms need to be put in place to protect the workforce, manage risks and maintain productivity. by maintaining social distancing as well as manage and report Covid-19 cases if they occur so that appropriate actions can be taken while maintaining business continuity.

FaktoryWize Workforce Tracking Solution is a powerful, rapidly deployable real time tracking system (RTTS) that helps manufacturers improve safety, productivity and cost outcomes in the post-Covid era. With FaktoryWize, organizations deploy a combination of hardware and software to create a system that enables manufacturers to quickly and efficiently track how employees interact with each other and monitor potential contact breaches to reduce the risks of infection and potential plant closure.

Key Features
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