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Data is the backbone of the notion that is Industry 4.0. Draw deep relevant insights that create value through custom solutions that connect assets throughout your manufacturing and supply chain. Power up with cutting-edge technologies to bring together machines, products, people and processes together in harmonized integrated fashion to drive efficiencies and increase margins. Our flexible engagement models that allow you to experiment with minimal risk. Put your enterprise firmly on the road to data-led digital transformation.

Samudra generates significant energy savings for the city of Jaipur using a smart street lighting system in partnership with Websym
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Client Testimonial

“We needed a solution and a partner who could address our challenges; a partner having in-depth expertise and experience in the remote asset monitoring, someone we could completely rely on. We chose Websym, a pioneer in IoT and Analytics solutions. We relied on their capability to bring in a great combination of domain experience and the Azure Platform”

Mr. Prafulla Thote

MD, Samudra LED

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