Websym launches FaktoryWize Workforce Tracking Solution to manage risk and ensure zero operational disruption during Covid Times

Pune, India: Websym Solutions (www.websym.com) a leading provider of IoT & Digital Transformation solutions has recently announced the launch of a new solution offering under their flagship solution FaktoryWize solution.

The pandemic has created a sea shift in the way we operate. The risk of an employee transmitting COVID-19 to another is dependent on distance between employees, the duration of the exposure, and the effectiveness of employee hygiene practices and sanitation

As we begin to find the way through a post-COVID-19 world, our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions to allow businesses and organizations to easily adapt to new hygiene and social distancing measures.

FaktoryWize Workforce Tracking solution is targeted at Manufacturing organizations and allows for safe, smooth, and compliant transition from COVID quarantine back to on-site work and ensure operational continuity.

Ashish Nene, CEO, Websym Solutions said, “COVID-19 pandemic has bought about significant operational challenges in the manufacturing sector. Plant managers need to find ways to operate through the new normal. FaktoryWize Workforce Tracking solution is readily deployable and tracks employee movements on the floor and ensure workers maintain a safe distance.”

About Websym Solutions:

Founded in 2015, Websym is a leading provider of IoT and Digital Transformation solutions for manufacturers and industrial & consumer OEMs across the globe.

Websym’s flagship solutions FaktoryWize® and Tezeva® provide an end to end digital solution to customers that meet digitization objectives. Our solutions help organizations utilize the power of big data and analytics in improving performance, enforce better compliance and generate greater ROI for their investments.

Websym is an AWS IoT partner for IIoT solutions with a strong domain experience in multiple manufacturing industry verticals with strong ecosystem partnerships

For details: sales@websym.com