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Websym Technologies

With over six decades of combined experience in the field Websym Technologies stands out as a top-tier global IT solutions provider, dedicated to delivering significant value to our clients, particularly in key areas such as Infrastructure Management, Data Center Automation & Management, and Financial Services. We specialize in harnessing open-source modules intelligently, ensuring that while benefiting from the code, clients retain flexibility and control over their intellectual property development. We cater to a diverse clientele, spanning from burgeoning startups to industry giants in the Fortune 500. With a presence in the US, UK, and India, we are strategically positioned to serve our clients globally.

Transforming Futures

Our Services

Rapid Prototyping

Websym delivers Prototyping Services, bridging communication gaps, facilitating rapid concept understanding & consensus building for effective software design.

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Websym excels in outsourcing, optimizing business functions with expert solutions, fueling client growth through specialized services tailored for success.

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Product Development

We are a leading outsourced product development Company, offering rapid, high-quality solutions tailored to meet diverse market demands.

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Professional Services

Websym offers comprehensive Professional Services to optimize business performance, reduce costs, and support growth across various industries globally.

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Offshore Development

Websym delivers offshore development services, ensuring measurable benefits, cost savings, and successful business solutions and effective processes.

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Quality Engineering

Websym enhances software quality through analysis and testing, focusing on root causes, complementing development, and ensuring reliability for clients.

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Technical Support

Websym Technologies offers 24x7 technical support outsourcing to ISVs and Fortune 500 clients, ensuring cost-effective solutions and high satisfaction.

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Sustaining Engineering

Websym offers comprehensive Sustaining Engineering services, optimizing resources and time to enhance product performance and ensure long-term success.

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Working Process

Engagement Plan

Set Up Operations

Establish Infrastructure

Build Products & Delivery

Expand Operations

Transfer to “Client”
why choose us

BOT Benefits

Quick incorporation and commissioning of operations
Access to outstanding talent
Compliance with all legal requirements – start on a clean slate
Utilization of government provided incentives to the fullest extent
Optimal pricing for services and products procured from vendors
Sharp focus on core business areas
Full compliance with all statutory requirements
Risk mitigation
Access to world class support functions
Assistance in rapid ramp up of Indian operations
Cost / Tax optimization
Retention of control on outsourced functions
About Us

Common Concerns

  • Websym places a very strong hold on the quality with the help of the Quality manager assigned for the overall project

  • Commercial strength firewall and VPNs (site-to-site/remote access) for e-security
  • Physical security, including bandage access using magnetic close proximity reader
  • Virus protected and hack resistant network at multiple level

  • Maintenance and submission of periodic returns under legal Acts concerning the labor laws
  • Preparation and vetting of Company contracts
  • Preparation and submission of income tax returns
  • Advising the Company on specialized matters concerning taxation and labor law
  • Contractually, any IPRs, trade marks related to the clients work is assigned to them
  • Transfer of all the software and hardware processes at the time of Transfer of business

  • Time are been adjusted according to the clients convenience
  • Websym’s models help design the 24 hours coverage to the clients requirements

  • Site-to-Site dedicated and VPN allowed bi-directional access to tools and resource for higher productivity and efficient knowledge management
  • High speed underlying leased line provide ample bandwidth
  • Infrastructure architecture based on team requirement
  • Easily accommodate staff of +225 staff members

  • Assured process maintaining full trial that avails access to it all the time
  • Access to all project dashboards provided to the client
  • Regular contacts and project meeting to understand the client’s requirement better
  • Access to regular quality and productivity goals for the client satisfaction

  • Fixed Price Model
  • Time Material
  • Hybrid / Managed Time Material