Product Development

Contemporary business world demands prevalence in technology and a trusted partner that would provide successful Outsourced Software Product’s responding rapidly to the market requirements. There is an increasing demand of delivering outsourced products of the top quality at the lowest price that satisfies customer’s demands.

Websym is a unique Outsourced Product Development Company, pioneered in quick time to market the product. Websym works as a fundamental extension for customers engineering team, working seamlessly with varied Engagement Models. Expert software product engineers with profound experience and proficiency in leading-edge technologies help develop quality of the Software Development.

Product Development

Websym’s Services offerings

  • Product Architecture
  • New Product Development
  • Product Upgrades/ Updates
  • Application Programming Interfaces Development
  • User Interfaces Design and Development
  • Onsite/Offsite/Offshore Sourcing for Project Support and Maintenance
Product Development

Customers Benefits

Global Expansion

Websym help clients address a wider market through internationalization and multiple platform support. Global resources help understanding the local market that ultimately supports the existing relationship in the local Market. Websym assists in releasing new products faster through global development and testing cycles by working round the clock with multiple facilities.

Skill Augmentation

With years of expertise in top-notch Development of Software Products, Websym can draw upon its multi-skilled resources depending on the customer’s requirement. This assures clients ‘Risk of Failure’ due to the immense experience gained through previous product knowledge. Along with this Websym also ensures the protection of all proprietary information to be arranged at the earliest.

Profound Experience

Websym’s commitment is to develop and deliver high-quality product development solutions to world wide clients irrespective of the locations or the nature of business. This eventually endows to offer the clients best-in-class solutions at conservative prices.

Proven Process

The proven methodologies and processes in place ensure leaving no stone unturned to create high-end products to meet client’s expectations, right-on. Websym follows a methodical, disciplined approach from the architecture stage through executing and implementing stage, helping clients to the conclude line faster than your competitors.

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Websym Technology Expertise


Java / J2EE, JSP C# / .NET – ASP.NET, ADO.NET, VS.NET, XML, XSL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C, C++, COM, ASP, ActiveX, Win32 API VC++, Real-Time Rendering (Direct3D), Ruby, Python, PHP, and Perl

Business Layer

Quartz, JOTM, DBCP, JMX, JAXP & JAXB, jBpm(workflow) & JBoss Rules, and JNDI

Web Layer

Lucene (Search), JasperReports, JSTL, Cewolf (Tag Library), and Tiles. Control - Webworks, Ruby on Rails, Struts, Tapestry, Turbine, Velocity and InfoGlue CMS, Axis, and AJAX

EIS Layer

JCA and Open JMS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, MaxDB, Ingres and HSQLDB, Hibernate, Castor, iBatis, and Cayenne & OJB JDO


Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat, and Jboss


Solaris, Windows, and Linux


AspectJ (AOP), OSCache, i18n and L10n, JAAS, Spring, Log4j, James & JavaMail, and Eclipse Plugins